Waiting, Waiting, and More Waiting

Exert from The Other Side of War pg. 16. (It was 24 hours after Aaron was injured in Iraq. He is in Germany, where they are stabilizing him to be transported to Brooke Army Medical Center.)


It was Thursday evening, and I was sitting on our back patio, thinking, crying, hoping, and conversing with the night wind. Only a few months earlier, my three children’s voices had filled the night air, with the joking around and laughter only the young seem to express so unflinchingly. I wondered about Aaron’s medical needs and if he was on a respirator, or if he did not need one. Was he aware of what was going on around him, or was he kept unconscious? Did he know how much I loved him and how it was tearing me up inside, not being with him?

As the early morning sun slowly began to touch the clear, peaceful sky, all I could think of was that Aaron’s eyes mimicked that same cool blue color. I sat there with the phone held tightly in my hand, waiting anxiously for the next call, even though I knew I would not hear anything until he was ready to be transported from Germany to San Antonio.

The Lord had already assured me He would not take Aaron’s life, so the thought of getting that phone call wasn’t even in me…


3 thoughts on “Waiting, Waiting, and More Waiting

  1. After my husband was hurt and his mother was notified by phone, she pulled her car over and was told the news. she was in such shock she got out of the car to lay down. I cannot imagine the fear of a mother knowing her child is hurt and there is nothing she can do, but sit and wait.


  2. You are right. No one can understand what happens inside a mother when she hears her child is injured or has died. I’ve been in both of these circumstances. With lose, guilt and numb are the major emotions. With a child who’s been hurt and you can’t go to him, it is pure torture. Some say that only those who have been in your shoes can understand, but that’s not true. We all react and process in different ways.


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