The America Of 9/12

I miss the America of 9/12. I would never want another 9/11. Ever! But, I miss the us we were on 9/12.

The stores ran out of flags because they were being flown everywhere.

People were Americans above anything else. It did not matter if we were Republicans or Democrats, upper or lower class, what religion we were or if we had none, younger or older, or what ethnic group we were. All that mattered was that we were Americans first and foremost.

We hugged strangers and lifted up our neighbors regardless of what they wore (Nike was being protested against) or where they ate (Chick-Fil-A was also being picketed) or where they shopped, (Hobby Lobby was at war with our government.) It only mattered that they too were Americans.

I cannot count the number of songs that were quickly written and sung by those who were inspired, even angry, yes definitely angry, about the attack on our land. (“Still In The Fight” by Mike Corrado is still my favorite.) Have you heard any such songs written lately? There are some who are still producing patriotic songs like Mike. Gary Sinise is one that comes to mind.

War was inevitable. And we were willing and able (even eager) to fight for our country! I would not wish war on any country. Nor that anyone would go to fight if it could be avoided. The cost is far too high.

In the last decade roughly 2.5 million service members have been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. There have been 16 Medal of Honor recipients (our nation’s highest award) and over 35,000 Purple Hearts have been awarded to those who have been wounded or died in service to our country in this time frame. These are not awards that are strived for by any of these heroes. But, they do show the level of commitment to defend the safety of our citizens. And I am truly grateful. These numbers show me there are still some who remember.

Yes, I miss the America of 9/12. I miss our country standing together as one nation.


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