Life After War – Who Knew

It had been seven years after my son was injured in war, after I had crawled into his hospital bed trying to hold him.   The jerking and  flailing that would take over his whole body every time his eyes would close, was something I couldn’t stand by and watch.  I had to do something.  I had to hold him, I needed to hold him.

Seven years later, we shared a room while attending an event.  I woke in the night and looked over at him sleeping in the other bed.  He was still fighting that same war in his dreams, he was still jerking in the night.  The dreams were not as bad as they were in those early years.  But it was evident, they still haunted him.

I wonder, will he ever be completely free…


3 thoughts on “Life After War – Who Knew

  1. I too wonder if the dreams will ever stop. My husband once told me in away he doesn’t want them to stop completely, because he never wants to forget those that sacrificed to get him home.


    1. My son has a coin he always carries in his pocket. On the front is the marine emblem along with the date he was injured (his alive date.) On the back are the names of the six men who died when the IED tossed their AAV 10 feet in the air, rupturing the fuel tank, engulfing it in flames. No, they will never forget the men they served with, especially those who died… I believe they feel that they are not honoring them if they stop dreaming, thinking, or speaking of them. Thank your husband from me and my son for his service. And thank you for serving beside him.


      1. Thanks Diana, Mine has a tatoo on his left forearm that bears the name of his SSgt that died while rescuing him after an IED. I love it, it is a daily reminder of how fortunate I am to have him, and a constant reminder of the great sacrifice made by one man to save him.
        Thank your son for selflessly serving, and your family too your son is lucky to have such a wonderful mother.


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